10 / 02 / 2012


As week 9 of the season here in Sauze d’Oulx comes to a close I’m marking the occasion with my 4th bout of man flu this winter. As I’m not going out these days I cannot blame late nights so that just leaves the stupidly cold temperatures and skiing in boots that offer zero protection against the cold, oh that and sleeping in a room where my water is frozen each morning (just in case you were wondering I’m referring to my bottle of water).

To cap it all off the water supply to the apartment also froze which left me without water for 3 days. Thankfully that has now been sorted so at least I can wash my porridge pan.

After a couple of days when the temperature readout wasn’t preceded with a minus sign we are now returning to baltic conditions. This morning as I wiped the frost off the inside of my window and looked across to the thermometer my head dropped as it read -9, time for porridge.

On the plus side the skiing this week has been fantastic. We had some unexpected snow on Tuesday, which was very welcome as snow always is. This coupled with the warmer temperature made it personally the best day’s skiing thus far this season.

Wednesday early on was marred by the return of high winds that unfortunately closed the link to Sestriere but the skiing around Sauze was that good, who needed Sestriere? On piste conditions were just great and off piste offered it’s self up again to be explored.

So that was the week that was, the forecast has snow again for tonight and also for next Tuesday. The temperature is remaining cold so once again thermals are the order of the day if you’re out here next week. There’s going to some wind for the first half of the week with it being the strongest possible Wednesday/Thursday.

For those that haven’t already seen it I’ve added another video to the sauzeonline vimeo channel taken a few days ago.