04 / 01 / 2012

Happy New Year!

This week is the last week of the Italian holidays so the slopes are still a tad busy and the lift queues are less than a joy. That said although the only way out of Sauze is via the Rocce Nera chairlift, the time it takes from joining the queue to getting off at the top is still at worse no longer than the old configuration and at best it’s quicker.
After the holiday period finishes things will return to normal and the queues will subside.

All the links in the Via Lattea are open and the skiing is generally good. The snow above 1800mt is plentiful and in good shape. Below 1800mt the snow is good but there is more of a reliance on the snow cannons. This can and does affect the snow making it a little harder. Currently the Clotes slope is closed below half way although yesterday I did sneak around the fence and picked my way down to the bottom.

The last snowfall was Monday when we had about 10cm in the village and more up at the top of the mountain. The official snow depth is now 80cm on the lower slopes and 100cm on the upper slopes. What off piste was on offer has pretty much been tracked out by now.

The forecast has more snow forecast for Thursday night continuing into Friday and by all accounts it could be quite heavy. Here’s hoping.