16 / 02 / 2012

A taste of Spring.

The cold snap seems to be behind us for now. Today saw brilliant blue skies above Sauze d’Oulx and temperatures akin to spring. At last I managed to ski without my feet freezing as soon as I stepped outside my apartment. It was certainly a marked difference to last week when we had someone come into a restaurant up the mountain with frostbite after 2 hours skiing!

Wednesday was a little blustery which meant that the link to Sestriere closed for a few hours in the afternoon but despite that this week has been a great week to be here. It’s half term which means the slopes are a little busier than normal but still queues are fairly non existent.

Moncrons and Tuassieres drag lifts which normally only open for the weekends have been open this week. If you’re reading this in a bar tonight in Sauze then I’d recommend that you head over there tomorrow as the snow is fantastic. The area has no cannons so the snow is all natural which means you don’t get the odd hard/icy patch synonymous with slopes that have a mixture of artificial and natural snow.

The forecast for next week has the temperature remaining higher than previous weeks with the freezing level hovering around 2000mts. There may well be snow Monday although the most we can expect is about 10cm. The wind is due to pick up at the end of the week so if you are in Sauze next week then I’d suggest that you do Sestriere and further afield before Friday as this is currently down for strong winds which could well see a little disruption.