22 / 12 / 2010

Tip top

Well, what can I say? On piste conditions this morning were fantastic. Corduroy runs just waiting for you to leave tracks on. It started snowing yesterday afternoon and it was still snowing when I woke up this morning. I hadn’t been up since Monday and I could tell the early signs of withdrawal were kicking in so I grab my skis and headed for the lift.

Surprisingly for Christmas week there were no queues so with 10 minutes I was at the top. I thought I’d try some off piste through the trees. This turned out to be the wrong decision. We haven’t had quite enough snow just yet to have really good off piste so I quickly headed back to the waiting corduroy.

There was some cloud at the top which kept coming and going making visability a tad poor from time to time but overall the couple of hours spent up there were most enjoyable. All links are open and excellent skiing right down to the village.

We have snow forecast through ’til Friday so those coming out on Sunday should have agreat week.
I havent bothered with ‘official’ snow depths as I’m a tad dubious about them, suffice to say there’s plenty up there.

Below are three photos taken this morning.