24 / 01 / 2011

Status quo

Mindful of the fact that I’m beginning to sound like a broken record the conditions today were hard pistes with the odd icy patch. As we haven’t had any prolonged snow fall since the last report and the temperature has remained low, the snow is in pretty much the same condition as Thursday when I last posted.

All major links are open so skiing all the way to France from Sauze is still very much possible. It’s also possible to ski right down Clotes back into the centre of the village.

The weather today was clear blue skies and very little wind helping to keep the apparent temperature at a respectable level. Overnight it did reach minus 14 but when the sun was up, and as long as you weren’t in the shade, then it was very pleasant.

The forecast does seem to change daily at the moment but potentially we might get a little snow fall towards the end of week. Hopefully those out this week are enjoying the skiing as there’s plenty to be had. More updates to follow later in the week.