19 / 01 / 2013

Snow on the horizon

It’s been sometime since the last decent snow fall in Sauze. We’ve been watching with envious eyes as other areas of the skiing world get dumped on and wondering when some of that good fortune will come our way.

Considering we haven’t had any decent snow since December the skiing is still great. I was last up yesterday and whilst the pistes were hard in places the skiing was most enjoyable. Snow cannons have been firing night and day which has certainly helped along with the good job yet again of the guys who prep the pistes.

The weather this week has been cold clear days and nights. -14 was recorded at the top the other day. A fair to middling wind made it feel even colder making it imperative to take a few more hot chocolate stops than normal.

It’s still very much possible to ski over to France. The snow over there is slightly better than we have but that always happens when we have weather fronts coming in from the Atlantic. Things might be different after this weekend though.

We have an active area of low pressure across central and western parts of the Mediterranean which is bringing snow to our little area of the alps. We could be seeing a fair amount of the stuff as the weather builds around Genoa and then swings back in towards Turin and the alps beyond. The perfect scenario. As I write it is snowing so here’s hoping this is the beginning to a few days of decent snow fall.

I have my fire on, beef stew cooking away in my slow cooker, christmas present from mum, Led Zep currently playing on the iPod, hang on that’s just changed to Chemical Brothers, and snow is settling on the balcony. All’s well with the world.

If you’re flying out this weekend then I’m sure you’ll have a great time. If you’re driving out then make sure you have chains with you. If you’re coming by train then don’t worry, we never have the ‘wrong’ kind of snow over here just wonderful white fluffy stuff.