30 / 01 / 2012


This week looks like it just might be the best week so far this season. It starting snowing on Friday night and continued through the weekend until Sunday afternoon. Now I’m not complaining but considering the time it was snowing we still only ended up with around 50cm. The official fresh snow depths coming from Sestriere said 40cm lower down and 60cm on the upper slopes.

By Sunday evening Sauze was well and truly engulfed in cloud and with the temperatures dropping the snow turned very fine. By this morning it had stopped although the clouds have been hanging around all day teasing us with little flurries every now and then.

The forecast does say more snow will fall tomorrow and Thursday so hopefully we’ll end up with an accumulated snowfall of around 100cm, which would be very nice indeed. The wind seems to be behaving itself this week, which is good to see. The beginning of next week could see strong winds returning although as this is a week away I’ll keep an eye on that and bring you an update nearer the time.

Despite the good snow on offer today I ended up doing very little skiing. My first fall of the season was fairly innocuous however my right leg twisted and I ended up limping back home for an early bath, typical!

What I did do was very pleasant. It did seem slightly busier today on the slopes but certainly there were no lift queues to speak of. With the temperature looking like it’s going to remain low over the next 10 days those out this week and next week should have good snow conditions.

Before returning for my early bath I did manage to take some photos from today which I’ve added below.

sauze d'oulx cloud sauze d'oulx chaberton - sauze d'oulx

RocceNera - Sauze d'Oulx Sportinia - Sauze d'Oulx Jouvenceaux lift