28 / 01 / 2013

Que sera, sera

I’ve been absent from Sauze for a few days since my last posting due to a small matter of a footie match. Not just any old footie match but one that saw my beloved Bradford City reach the League Cup final against all the odds. The irony was that as I set off to the airport last Tuesday I wasn’t 100% sure that the game would take place due to the cold weather and the amount of snow across the whole of the UK.

The trip from Sauze to Bergamo was easy enough. Pleasant temperatures and no snow to disrupt the traffic. As I stepped off the plane in Birmingham the difference in temperature was noticeable, not only that but the amount of snow that greeted me was crazy. It appeared that the UK had had more snow over the last few days than we had in Sauze.

The last day that I skied Sauze before today was Monday the 21st. This was after a reasonable snow fall over the previous weekend so conditions were good. I’m glad to report that a week later conditions are still good. During my absence we did have more snow midweek so I’m guessing that those out last week had a great time on the mountain.

As I rode the lift up this morning from Clotes I got talking to the guy next to me. He started the conversation by asking ‘how do I get off these things’. It transpired that this was his first time on skies ever. I was slightly alarmed as Clotes is not the lift to be on if you’ve never skied before.

If you’ve yet to come out this season and you cant at least do a strong snow plough turn please do not attempt to go up the Clotes chair, take the Sportinia one that delivers you directly into the beginners area. Anyway I managed to get him off the chair without incident and I then left him to fend for himself, ha!

Come on, do you really think I’d do that? He had his mates there to look after him but as I turned around I noticed that they were heading in the one direction I told them not to go so god knows if he survived the day.

Anyway as I alluded to early the skiing was good today. A little hard in places but that’s nit picking. The week ahead looks like it’s going to continue to be a cold start with temperatures rising on Wednesday when the freezing level is set to be around 3000mts. The weekend looks like it’s going to bring more snow in, by all accounts we should have quite a lot Saturday. That’s some time off though so things could change.

To be honest, snow or not, my year is already complete and it couldn’t possibly get any better, or could it?? Surely not….