02 / 02 / 2011

Perfect conditions

Conditions here in Sauze d’Oulx at the moment are fantastic. We have clear blue skies and plenty of fresh snow, it just doesn’t get any better. Unfortunately I’m having a forced day off today as I broke my brand new skis yesterday, at least that’s what I was telling everyone in the bar last night.

I managed to take a chunk out of them on the top surface in a high speed crash. Again that was the story last night but in reality I simply crossed tips and went flying just after I’d got off the lift, most embarrassing!!

The temperature today is higher than it has been over the last few days but it isn’t worryingly high. The skiing yesterday was the best that I’d done all season. It didn’t take long for the off piste to get tracked out but there was still fun to be had on and off the runs.

The forecast is for sun all week with a light breeze. The temperature above 2000mts is set to remain just below the freezing level so it really is a glorious week for those that are here.

For those coming out next week the sun looks like it could be staying around for you. It is set to get a little warmer from the 7th.

I’ve added photos from yesterday to the winter 10/11 album on the facebook page but here a few to wet your appetite.

Notice how busy the slopes are!

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