05 / 12 / 2015

Opening day

Finally we have arrived at the opening day of the 2015/16 season. As most of you will be aware it’s been a nervous start to the season. We had some good snow falls in October coupled with temperatures being around the level they should be. During November however the temperatures started to rise which had an obvious effect on the snow.

This in it’s self did not cause too much concern. All it meant was that the ground became saturated so when the cold weather returned it would ensure a good permafrost.

The latter half of November, around the 21st, the temperatures plummeted which allowed for the cannons to come into play and for ViaLattea to start preparing in earnest for the start of the season. In a period of 4 days they had produced over 400,000 cubic metres of artificial snow.

A weather system was also building that promised to bring some natural snow. It delivered, however, not quiet as much as we hoped for. After that the whole of the Alps returned to milder weather as a high pressure system took hold and brought with it settled conditions.

Last night a weak weather system did pass through that brought with it a small amount of snow above 1800mts. The clouds have remained today but these should disappear tomorrow. The week ahead looks a little mixed with freezing levels around 2000mts.

As I always say it’s really hard to offer a long term forecast in the mountains as each valley can have it’s own micro climate so whilst I’d love to tell you all that we’re in for a load of snow anytime soon I can’t. All I can say is that unlike last year we have been skiing on the opening day and that Vialattea are working really hard to make the most of the conditions.

Here’s a video update from early today