10 / 02 / 2011

Bring out the Morris Dancers.

After the snow at the end January, the beginning of February has given us an earlier than expected taste of spring here in Sauze d’Oulx. Temperatures in direct sunlight at altitudes above 2000mt have been going as high as 34 degrees! Did I say spring? More like summer!

With the spring like weather you’d expect the snow to be spring like too; firm in the morning slushy in the afternoon. The pistes are certainly firm early on however by the afternoon they are in great shape. Again this is testament to the fantastic job being done by the guys that look after the pistes.

Every time the temperature has allowed during the season the cannons have been firing. Officially the report from Sestriere says that 50% of the snow we have is artificial.

I did wonder about putting that last statement in as potentially it could send out the wrong signals. People who are coming over in the next couple of weeks could get a little worried. Fear not I for one think that conditions are very good; I’ve certainly seen it a lot worse here.

Spare a thought for those just across the mountain range in Meribel. Apparently they haven’t had any natural snow since Christmas!

The good news is that it is due to get colder this weekend and then right on cue we have a week of snow forecast. The forecasts have been known to change frequently but I have checked around and all sources of information seem to be saying the same, snow!

The guys out this week have enjoyed clear blue skies and warm temperatures. Those coming out next week could be experiencing a totally different Sauze. Stand down you honourable men with sticks and bells, winter is fighting back!