02 / 12 / 2011

Blame Man City fans

There’s no hiding the fact that many European ski resorts are beginning to feel the heat in more ways than one. The delayed arrival of the first big snow fall has meant many resorts have had to postpone their opening weekends.

On a positive note some Scandinavian resorts have reported some decent snow falls last week whilst in North America some west coast ski areas have had up to a metre of fresh in the last week.

Here in Sauze we have snow above 2000mts and we are still on course to open on the 7th December albeit with only a few lifts.

We have snow forecast for this weekend, which will certainly help the situation. These showers alone will not make too much of difference to the lower slopes although it should add a nice top layer higher up.

Cooling temperatures will allow the cannons to start firing so all is not lost. I have seen it worse than this before now only to be blessed with massive snow falls. All can change in 24 hrs so lets keep the faith.

As way of trying to explaining the delayed start to winter we could look back to August when we had a double full moon, commonly known as a blue moon. This phenomenon is rare hence the saying ‘once in a blue moon’.

There is no doubting that the moon has a direct effect on the weather and many believe this occurrence is responsible for pushing the seasons back by a month.

I’m no expert but that explanation will do for me. We will get snow, it’s just making us wait.