10 / 12 / 2010

A week is a long time…

After 3 days of warmer temperatures and rain the thermometer is finally heading in the right direction. A week is a long time in a ski resort and the difference between skiing last Saturday and yesterday was like night and day.

As you’d expect the rain and increase in temperature had turned the pistes into soft slushy snow very reminiscent of spring conditions. Now with the colder temperature the snow has turned very hard and good edge control is a most, that’s if you can get an edge.

All is not lost though and before we get too negative let’s not forget that the season hasn’t really started yet and we still have lots more snow than we did this time last year.

Most people reading this will be coming to Sauze for a week or two and for them as long as conditions are great for that week then its happy days. As someone who will be here for the season I’m taking a longer view on things.

What’s happened over the last week could actually work in our favour. The ground now is frozen solid with a really good hard covering of snow. As long as the temperature remains low and the forecast snow returns next week we’ll all be dancing in the streets again, especially as we have piped music all over town at the moment!

The local old wise women predicts snow towards the end of next week, I for one have every faith in her. Dust down the fat boys, the powder is returning.